Refurbished mobile handsets now available from EE

May 2014 has seen network provider EE launch a new service selling refurbished mobile phone handsets, called Good As New. The service allows you to buy handsets and tablets that have previously been returned within 14 days as unwanted items. So you get a product that is just 2 weeks old at a fraction of the price of a brand new one, with monthly tariffs being at least £5 cheaper than the comparable alternative with a new handset. What’s more, the products are all tested, inspected and reset by EE, and are shipped with their standard packaging, charger, accessories, etc. And for peace of mind they all come with their original manufacturers warranty. So there’s no downside!

Examples of the handsets and tablets available on Good As New include:

  • Sony Xperia SP: £18.99 with no upfront costs (£5 monthly saving)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4: £29.99 with no upfront costs (£49.99 upfront saving)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: £23.99 with no upfront costs (£6 monthly saving)
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 3: £94.99 on Pay As You Go with £10 top up (£45 saving)
  • iPad Air 16GB Silver: £31 per month plus £79 upfront (£5 monthly saving plus £20 upfront saving)

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EE partner with Glastonbury Festival to provide 4G on site

EE Recharge Tent

Glastonbury Festival returns this year on 25th-29th June as one of the most popular and largest festival in the world, and EE are returning as the official technology and communications partner after a successful collaboration last year.

EE will be working with the organisers to deliver a unique 4G network on-site at the festival, as well as providing free phone charging for everyone and offering an official Glastonbury mobile app which will keep all the punters connected for the weekend.

Festival goers will be able to use the tried and tested EE Recharge Tent which has gone down a storm in the past and provides users with access to mains sockets to charge their devices. However 2014 marks a first for EE as they introduce their new and unique mobile handset charging solution, the EE Festival Power Bar!

People can purchase the EE Festival Power Bar now from EE’s website in preparation for the festival. The way it works is that users can charge their power bar before attending the festival, and use it to charge their mobile devices, then once the power bar runs out of juice you simply visit the EE Exchange Cabin on-site and they will swap it for a fully-charged power bar, which you can take away and use at your leisure. This innovative system gives you unlimited charging, all without having to hang around in communal tents waiting for your device to charge, as you can charge it as and when you like! Fantastic!

EE Festival Power Bar

To compliment this device, the official Glastonbury app will offer users a range of features such as schedules for the acts on stage, interactive maps for the site, and social integration for the festival goers to help them meet up and exchange stories. EE are currently putting the finishing touches to the app, which is due for release in June.

Click below to visit the EE store today and see the full range of what they have to offer.

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EE now offering superfast 4G coverage in 200 UK towns

The town of Rhyl in North Wales has recently become the 200th town in the UK to gain 4G coverage from mobile network provider EE, giving EE 72% 4G coverage across the UK population.

Other towns that have recently gained the 4GEE coverage include Bishop Auckland, Brighouse, Larne, Newry, Peterlee, Staines, Cumbernauld, Hamilton Kirkintilloch, Armadale, Stockton-on-Tees and Washington.

All of these locations will now be able to enjoy superfast internet access across all devices, whether on mobile, tablet or laptop.

In order for a town to officially be labelled as receiving 4G, at least 80% of the areas must have coverage, and EE seem to be progressing well, as it’s only taken them 18 months to roll out 4GEE across these 200 towns. As a result of their progress they now have over 2 million customers enjoying superfast broadband on their mobile devices.

These recent developments have put the UK’s mobile infrastructure well ahead of a lot of other countries, so credit due to EE!

The best thing about the roll out of 4GEE is that EE have made it affordable to the masses, with the cheapest tariff coming in at just £13.99 with their own-brand EE Kestrel smartphone handset. Click below to visit EE’s site today.

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The S5 becomes Samsung’s fastest selling Galaxy handset to date

Well, its official, The Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s fastest selling mobile phone handset to date, having sold 10 million handsets in just 25 days.

This new record beats all of the sales figures for previous incarnations of the Galaxy. Below you can see how long it took each model to reach the 10 million milestone:

  • Galaxy S4: 27 days
  • Galaxy S3: 50 days
  • Galaxy S2: 5 months
  • Galaxy S: 10 months

So with these figures from the Galaxy S5 it means that there are roughly 278 Samsung Galaxy S5 handsets being sold worldwide every single minute! Not bad!

The Galaxy S5 is available from all the major networks, but for our money the best deal is currently from EE, where you can get unlimited texts and minutes with 4GB of 4G internet, all for just £42.99 per month with £29.99 up front. Click below to visit the store today.

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Samsung Galaxy S5

Vodafone now offering discounted international roaming on 4G

Mobile roaming

When you pack for your summer holidays you always need the essentials like your passport, sun cream and beach towel, but now you can also take your mobile phone data, minutes and texts along too with Vodafone’s EuroTraveller package which works in forty European destinations.

Vodafone have recently lowered the cost of this mobile service and expanded it to include ultrafast 4G connections too.

By using the service, customers are able to easily use their mobile overseas for essential tasks such as finding tourist locations via online maps and viewing reviews of local restaurants.

Existing Vodafone customers can easily add a EuroTraveller package to their contract by texting ‘ADD’ to 40506 or phoning 5555 from their Vodafone handset. Once signed up, customers can use their existing data, minutes and text while overseas, in exactly the same way as they would at home, all for a low price flat fee per day.

To sweeten the service even more, Vodafone have reduced the flat fee from £3 to £2 for the whole of May through to the end of August 2014. Plus they’ve introduced 4G roaming in countries including Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

The beauty of this package is that customers know exactly how much their calls, texts and data is costing them and they won’t find any nasty surprise charges on their bill when they return from their trip. Plus anyone on Vodafone’s Red plans can benefit from unlimited minutes and texts while overseas, meaning they can talk and text away for as long as they like.

To summarise the benefits of the EuroTraveller package:

  • There’s no monthly commitments
  • You can use your UK minutes, text and data just like at home
  • You won’t be charged anything to receive calls or texts when abroad (unless they’re premium numbers)
  • You’ll only be charged the flat fee for the days when you use your mobile phone
  • If you use up your standard allowance, any extra fees will just be at standard UK prices
  • You can easily monitor all your spending via the My Vodafone app
  • If you get close to exceeding your limits, Vodafone will text you to let you know

Not on Vodafone yet? Click below to visit their website today and make the most of EuroTraveller and their other fantastic deals.

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Check out the video below for additional info on EuroTraveller: